About Us

How I Got Started


It all started with my family’s passion for the mountains passed down by each generation. I was three years old, in the French Alps over 10,000 feet on a powder day, and I was hooked! My grandparents introduced my mother to skiing when she was young and then she passed it down to me; I know my kids will definitely have the opportunities to enjoy the mountains. I have been skiing ever since that trip and just cared about the winter breaks from school because I knew it was almost time for a ski trip. Unlike most children who were ready for Santa and the holidays, I just wanted to get high up in the mountains and ski. My dad is an avid outdoorsman and has spent several nights camping and hiking all over the United States. He really got me into mountain biking, hiking, and camping. By doing so, he taught me most of what I know about the outdoors… always go into the woods prepared for anything to happen.  All that I can ever say when describing big mountains are: “There’s nothing like it; and I don’t want to leave.”  I recently graduated from the University of South Carolina and decided that everything outdoors I really enjoy had the need of a mountain incorporated in the sport (skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking- its in the name, camping, hiking, trail running…). So I decided to sell what I like to do and the companies I have personally tested, trusted with my life, and loved to use. JF Outdoors is focused on making your outdoor experiences memorable, fun, and reoccurring.  Keep checking in with us as more inventory is on its way and will be updated on the website as soon as it comes in the door.